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Accountants, Actors, Actresses, Administrative Assistants, Administrators, Attorneys, Bankers, Business Development Specialists, Chefs, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Children (victims or perpetrators of sexual abuse), Chiropractors, Commodities Brokers, Database Administrators, Deep Sea Divers, Driving Instructors, Engineers, Enlisted Military Personnel, Fire Fighters, Food Servers (p.c. for waiters and waitresses), Hotel Executives, Househusbands, Housewives, Investors, Judges, Lawyers, Marketing Managers, Marriage Family and Child Counselors, Military Officers, Musicians, Newspaper Reporters, Nurses, Optometrists, Outside Sales Representatives, Photographers, Physical Therapists, Physicians (M.D.s), Police Officers, Politicians, Programmers, Psychologists, Public Relations Directors, Receptionists, Retail Clerks, Retired Armed Forces Personnel, Salespeople, Secretaries, Social Workers, Stock Brokers, Students, Teachers, Technicians, Venture Capitalists, and Welders.

If you get the impression that no one is immune from having a sexual problem, I have succeeded.

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